Atomberg Studio+ Energy Saving Ceiling Fan with BLDC Motor - Earth Brown

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SKU: ELCE1313-24588502
Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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3 Years Manufacturer Warranty

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Sweep (mm): 1200; Power (W): 32; Input Voltage(V): 140-285; RPM: 370; Air Delivery CMM(m3/min): 237; Power Factor: 0.99; Service Value (CMM/W): 7.4

Super-Efficient BLDC Motor.

Runs 3 Times Longer On Inverter

Saves Up To ₹1500/Year.

Dust-Resistant Coating.

Highest speed performance.

Decrease the fan speed by 1 notch every 2 hours.

Up to 20Ft Operable distance using remote

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