Imported | Glass & Mirror | GMCF1002
Imported Clear Float Glass

₹39.00(min price)

Range: ₹39.00 | ₹120.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1003
King Mirror

₹12,750.00(min price)

Range: ₹12,750.00 | ₹12,750.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMFR1002
Carindale Bend Glass Coffee Table

₹15,810.00(min price)

Range: ₹15,810.00 | ₹17,850.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1004
Flora Mirror

₹12,750.00(min price)

Range: ₹12,750.00 | ₹12,750.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1001
Spiral Gaze Mirror

₹12,750.00(min price)

Range: ₹12,750.00 | ₹12,750.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1002
Ovalin Mirror

₹7,752.00(min price)

Range: ₹7,752.00 | ₹7,752.00
Saint-Gobain | Glass & Mirror | GMFM1001
Saint-Gobain SGG Miralite Revolution

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S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1005
Bronze Spin Mirror

₹12,750.00(min price)

Range: ₹12,750.00 | ₹12,750.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMOT10001
Glass Shield Premier

₹3,060.00(min price)

Range: ₹3,060.00 | ₹34,315.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMDM1007
Queen Mirror

₹12,750.00(min price)

Range: ₹12,750.00 | ₹12,750.00
Imported | Glass & Mirror | GMTG1002
Imported from Asia and Toughened in India Glass

₹95.00(min price)

Range: ₹95.00 | ₹191.00
S3 | Glass & Mirror | GMFR1004
Carina Glass Table

₹18,870.00(min price)

Range: ₹18,870.00 | ₹22,644.00


Both hardened and annealed types of lacquered glass are available. Additionally, it is not too pricey.
  • Saint-Gobain
  • S3 Glass Chennai
  • Sri Shakti Sai Glass Chennai
  • Guardian Glass
Due to their easy-to-clean surfaces and availability in colours that complement your kitchen's style, lacquered glass kitchen cabinets are perfect for the area. Glass cabinet fronts with lacquered surfaces are more robust and able to tolerate hot environments.
Because lacquered glass has very low levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs), it is not only safe for use but also does not affect the environment. It is both scratch- and humidity-resistant. How thick is glass that has been lacquered? SGG Planilaque comes in 4mm and 8mm thicknesses.
Lacquered glass.

A specific kind of coloured glass that is ideal for interiors is lacquered glass. It has an impenetrable look, which means that no light can travel through it. It is created by covering one side of transparent glass with a layer of lacquer, a decorative coating or film-forming substance, and baking it.

  • Challenging to apply (need the right equipment and a dedicated spaying area).
  • Difficult to remove dents or scrapes.
  • Toxic off-gassing after initial application (safe when dry).
Lacquer is more delicate than laminate and may be subject to changes in colour. For this reason, its quality is determined by the type of paint used. To guarantee long-lasting colour, Scavolini uses paints with excellent resistance to light.

Below types can best suit kitchen cabinets.

  • 'Seeded Glass.' Seeded glass, which represents hand-blown glass from a very long time ago, is simply glass that has been carved with tiny air spaces and specks, giving it the moniker of 'seeded glass.'.
  • Clear and transparent glass.
  • Leaded glass.
  • Textured glass.
  • PU Finish Kitchen
  • Veneer Finish Kitchen
  • Acrylic Finish Kitchen
  • Membrane Finish Kitchen
  • High-Gloss Laminate Finish Kitchen
  • Solid Wood Finish Kitchen
  • Matt Laminate Finish Kitchen
Lacquered glass glass has a stunning aesthetic appeal in addition to having remarkable heat and moisture resistance. Lacquered glass is a long-term investment for the décor of your home because of its longevity.
White lacquered glass, 5–12 mm thick, for doors and wardrobes.
Tempered Lacquered Glasses are made specifically for use in interiors, giving them a modern, creative appeal. It has a coloured, opaque look that is created by applying superior-quality, specialty paint to one surface of the glass and curing it in an oven.
To carefully wipe the glass, use a delicate microfiber cloth bathed in warm water.
Lacquered By applying lacquer on one side of clear glass and baking it, it is possible to create coloured, opaque glass.
Each kitchen cabinet includes a core support that surrounds an interior box and an outside shutter. Kitchen shutters are therefore a crucial component of kitchen décor since they determine the exterior appearance of your shelves and drawers.
Laminated Shutters

Possibly the most common material for shutters, laminates are often fastened to an MDF or plywood basis and have their edges finished and sealed with PVC tapes, aluminium, or wooden beadings.

Black and white are the most common shutter colours that go with every house. A property looks more elegant with black shutters. White shutters provide a harmony of freshness and simplicity.
For trim and shutters, gloss or semi-gloss paints are frequently utilised. This is so that you can accentuate your shutters since glossy paint will draw attention to the details, which you would want to avoid on the walls to reduce nicks and scratches.
The conventional shower enclosure size is 30′′ by 30′′ (700mm x 700mm), although most people prefer shower cubicles that are 48′′ x 36′′ in size (1200mm X 900mm).
While most individuals prefer shower cubicles that are 48′′ by 36′′ in size, the standard shower enclosure is 30′′ by 30′′ (700mm x 700mm) (1200mm X 900mm).
The size of your shower enclosure is mostly decided by the bathroom's design and available space. If your bathroom is spacious, you might want to think about installing a walk-in shower; however, if it is small, a bi-fold door or quadrant enclosure gives a space-saving choice.
A shower enclosure is used to separate your shower from the rest of your bathroom. It is also referred to as a shower cubicle on occasion. There are many different types of shower enclosures, some of which come with or without a shower tray. Typically, shower sizes between 800x800mm and 900x900mm are most popular.
Easy to maintain. If you have a shower cubicle, the remainder of your bathroom will probably stay dry most of the time. Your tiles and walls won't have any water on them because bathing and showering will take place inside the glass enclosure. Cleaning your bathroom will take less time and effort as a result.
Use a screwdriver to tighten the bolts while keeping the handle firmly against the door.
About 1/3 the width of the cabinet drawer and the height of the cabinet door

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