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Toughened glass is a type of safety glass that's been processed for increased strength and durability. It's made from regular annealed glass that's undergone a controlled heating and cooling process. This process creates a unique internal stress pattern that makes the glass several times stronger than regular glass. Common applications of toughened glass include: · Shower doors and enclosures · Glass table tops · Building facades and curtain walls · Glass railings Things to Consider: · Toughened glass must be cut to size before the tempering process. Once toughened, it cannot be cut or drilled. · While tougher than regular glass, toughened glass can still break under extreme force or thermal shock. But it would break into small safe crystal like pieces.

• Built for Strength: Toughened glass, also known as tempered glass, undergoes a special heat treatment to become significantly stronger - up to four times stronger than regular glass!
• Safety First: This treatment earns it the nickname "safety glass." If a toughened glass panel breaks, it crumbles into small, blunt pieces instead of dangerous shards, minimising the risk of injury.
• Precise Shaping: Because toughening permanently alters the glass structure, cutting and shaping must be done beforehand. Once toughened, the glass cannot be altered further.
• Smooth Finish: Finally, the glass is polished to create a smooth surface, enhancing its aesthetics and further reducing the risk of cuts.
• It is also called interchangeably as Tempered Glass though there is a minor difference. Tempered glass goes under a chemical treatment.
• It is commonly misspelled as Tuffen Glass, Tafan Glass, Tuffan Glass
• Used to improve aesthetics as well and hence called Architectural Glass
• This can be lacquered (painted) to provide to add colours to your home

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