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Welcome to Better Home, your one-stop destination for all things related to home improvement and building materials.

What if shopping for homes could also empower your local community?

Better home started with this very same thought. We bridge the gap between local businesses and customers by enabling them to purchase home and building materials online, directly from local stores. This not only ensures they receive high-quality products at a competitive pricing but also stimulates the local economy. Every purchase contributes to the growth of these businesses, strengthening the fabric of the local community and fostering economic resilience.


Better Home's mission is to empower local hardware and electrical businesses in India through a cutting-edge digital platform. Founded by Balaji Kalyansundaram, an IT industry veteran with a rich construction legacy, a passionate team of co-founders and the support of his friends and family, we're here to level the playing field for local enterprises in the digital era, enriching lives along the way.


Better Home's vision is revolutionary. We're driven to achieve a ₹10,000+ Crore Company status, digitalize 150,000+ local shops across India, and establish 15,000 one-stop shops nationwide. Our dedication extends to creating 1000+ work-from-home roles for married women. From India's Tier 1, 2, and 3 cities to global horizons like Asia and Australia, Better Home is positioned to spearhead the industry worldwide.

Customer Obsession

Our focus is to put our customers at the forefront of everything we do. Your satisfaction drives us to deliver the best experience and solutions tailored to your needs.

Complete Ownership

We take full responsibility for the products and services we offer. Our dedication towards accountability ensures that every aspect of your interaction with us is seamless, reliable, and trustworthy.

Continuous Improvement

We are driven by the pursuit of excellence. We consistently strive to enhance our offerings, refine our processes, and elevate our standards to provide you with even better solutions and experiences over time..

Why Choose us ?

Legacy of Trust

Our 80+ years of family legacy is the cornerstone of our commitment to trust, quality, and excellence.

Competitive Pricing

Benefit from prices that are not just competitive but consistently lower than our competitiors.

Top Brands Collection

Choose from a selection of 23 leading brands, assuring you of quality, reliability, and unmatched variety.

Swift 2-Hour Delivery

Experience the convenience of 2-hour delivery, ensuring your essentials reach you in no time.

Support Local Economy

Your purchases not only benefit you but also contribute to the growth of local businesses.

Pay on Delivery

Enjoy the convenience and confidence of paying upon delivery, ensuring a seamless purchasing experience.

Balaji Kalyansundaram

Co-founder & CEO

With over 20 years of global experience in IT and a strong legacy in the construction industry, Balaji brings a unique blend of expertise to Better Home.

Karunakaran S L

Co-founder & CTO

With over 18 years of experience and a distinguished history as the former president of TVH Ouranya Bay, Karan brings both leadership and a tech-savvy insight to the heart of Better Home.

Ganesh Balakrishnan


With a remarkable 25+ years in the glass & mirror business, Ganesh's visionary outlook has propelled Better Home to transform the industry.

Karunakaran Balakrishnan


Karna's extensive experience in the glass & mirror business, coupled with a keen understanding of customer expectations, forms the cornerstone of our offerings.

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