Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek Base Coat 20L Exterior Emulsion

Asian Paints Apex Ultima Protek Base Coat 20L Exterior Emulsion

SKU: PAEX0026-24652331
Product Type: Exterior Wall Paint
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Volume: 20L
Color: White
Delivery between 2 hours to 2 days.

10 year Durability manufacturer warranty and a 6 year waterproofing manufacturer warranty;Please refer to the Apex Ultima Protek warranty booklet for details;Shelf life: 3 years for Protek Topcoat and 2 years for Protek Basecoat from date of manufacture

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Coverage Base Coat: 1st Coat- 30% Dilution 5 - 5.5 sq.m/ltr · 2nd Coat- Without Dilution 4.5 - 5 sq.m/ltr · Drying time: Surface dry time 30 minutes · Sheen levels: Up to 3-16 at 60ºGH · Flash point IS101/1987 Part 1 · Sec 6: NA · Stability of thinned paint: To be used within 24 hours · Actual coverage may vary from the quoted coverage due to factors such as method and condition of application and surface roughness and porosity. Please ensure to purchase appropriate amount for the job

• Apex Ultima Protek is a durable exterior emulsion painting system that's based on nanotechnology
• keeping the walls protected from problems like dampness
• algae
• cracks
• and colour fading
• Superior Cleanability : Better Ease To Clean Rust
• Dirt Streaks And Bird Droppings Ensuring Your Walls Look Fresh For A Longer Period Of Time.
• Effective Waterproofing : The Superlative Waterproofing Capabilities Of The Ultima Protek System Forms An Effective Barrier Against Water Penetration.
• Crack Bridging : Ultima Protek Film Has Significantly Higher Elongation And Comes With Unique Fibre Reinforcement Thereby Offering A Unique Crack Bridging Ability Of Upto 2Mm
• Structural Protection : Ultima Protek System Has Excellent Co2 Diffusion (Carbonation) Resistance & Prevents The Corrosion Of Rebar Within The Concrete Matrix
• Leading To Superior Structural Protection.
• Environmentally Responsible : This Product Not Only Conforms To International Voc Specifications But It Also Contains No Hazardous Materials Like Heavy Metals (Lead
• Mercury
• Arsenic
• Chromium
• Cadmium
• Arsenic) And Toxic Materials (Carcinogen
• Mutagen
• Reproductive Toxins
• Apeos) As Per The Guidelines Laid Out By The International Gs –11 (Green Seal) Standard.

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