Astral Cleo 4 Layer Water Tank 1000Litres

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Product Type: Water Tank
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Capacity: 1000L Diameter: 1125mm Height: 1270mm Diameter of Manhole: 385mm Air Ventilation: Allows the water to maintain natural oxygen level, hence keeps it fresh and helps avoid deformations. Threaded LID - Ensures the water is always dust-free and hygienic. It also has inner lid to provide protection from sunlight and keep the water safe and algae free. Food Grade - The water stored is safe for drinking. Anti Microbial - Inner layer manufactured with special Anti-viral copper shield. It prevents bacterial, fungal, Algae or Virus growth and keeps water fresh. It also helps to purify water due to presence of copper in the inner layer of tank. UV Stabilized - The UV stabilized layer prevents degradation and helps to fight any environmental stresses, cracking, chalking or loss in the physical properties of the tank. Built stronger - Added ribs enhance durability. Less bulging with full tank thereby reducing the risk of bursting under pressure.

Astral Cleo Water Tanks are equipped with an innovative inner layer that has embedded active copper particles.

This unique technology with active copper fortification keeps the water fresh; clean and free from harmful microbes at all times.

In this technology active copper is impregnated within the polymer system so that the leeching of copper to the human body over threshold limits is prevented and at the same time the Anti-viral / Anti-microbial copper shield remains active throughout its life cycle.

As this unique protective shield regularly neutralizes the virus / bacteria; frequent deep cleaning of the tank is not required.

This technology provides round the clock protection as the surface does not allow any bio-film (of bacteria / virus / fungi / algae) to develop hence the water remains free from all types of harmful biological contamination.

LAYER 1 – COLORED/WHITE - OUTER LAYER:This is a white or coloured (Blue / Yellow / Green) UV resistant layer of the highest quality protecting water from harsh UV rays and reduces overall heat absorption from the sunlight.

It also helps to prevent breakdown of polymer chain and enables longer service life.

LAYER 2 - BLACK - MIDDLE LAYER: The middle layer is black in colour and designed to provide barrier for the sunlight to penetrate through the wall of the tank.

This will prevent microbial (algae) growth/activity taking place in water due to sunlight.

LAYER 3 – GREY - MIDDLE LAYER: Maintain lower water temperature even under extreme weather conditions and provides Structural support to improve the strength.

LAYER 4 – SKY BLUE - ANTI-VIRAL COPPER SHIELD LAYER – INNER LAYER: As this layer in in direct contact with stored water it is made using 100% food-grade quality raw material. Also, for the first time in the category this layer is endowed with Anti-Viral Copper Shield that has unique advantages like 99.9% protection from bacteria, Algae, fungus, virus including SARS-Cov-2.

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