Crompton High Speed Ceiling Fan

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SKU: ELCE1042-24216317
Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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Size: Sweep - 1200 mm / 70 W / Speed - 370 Rpm / Air Delivery - 230 cmm
Color: Brown
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· 100% copper winding · Wider blades for higher air delivery · Available Colours - Brown · Dusky-brown · Ivory · White · Air Delivery (in m3/Hr): 0 to 1000 High Air Delivery: High-speed ceiling fans are designed to provide a greater amount of airflow, ensuring better cooling in the room. Powerful Motor: These fans typically come equipped with a powerful motor that enables them to rotate at higher speeds, contributing to increased air circulation. Number of Blades: The number of blades can vary, but high-speed fans often have three or more blades to enhance their efficiency in moving air. Energy Efficiency: Modern high-speed ceiling fans are often designed to be energy-efficient, consuming less electricity while delivering strong performance. Sweep Size: The sweep size of a fan refers to the diameter of the circle that the blades create while spinning. High-speed fans may have a larger sweep size for broader air coverage. Remote Control or Smart Features: Some high-speed ceiling fans come with remote control options or smart features, allowing users to conveniently adjust speed settings and other functions.

Best in class High-Speed Ceiling Fan that has Stylish design with superior speed performance

High Speed Fan with Superior Air Delivery (370 RPM)

Basic Fan with Wider blades for Higher Air Delivery

• Stylish design with superior performance
• EAN: 8902653201228

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