Crompton SilentPro Enso 3 Blade Noiseless 1225mm Ceiling Fan (ActivBLDC Technology)

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SKU: ELCE1025-23355265
Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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Color: Silk-white
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Manufacturer Warranty - 5 Years

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· 2X More Silent · Superior Comfort with 240 CMM Air Delivery · 50% Energy Saving with ActivBLDC Technology · Point Anywhere Smart Remote · High Air Delivery With Reduced Noise Levels · Enhanced Safety Feature · High Power Factor Of 0.98 · Multi - Pairing · Sweep - 1225 mm · Power Input - 42 W · Speed - 315 Rpm · Air Delivery - 240 cmm 2X More Silent: SilentPro is designed to offer superior air comfort with the noise level of a Quiet Home.Most conventional fans operate at 64 dB. SilentPro operates at 52 dB thereby making it twice more silent than its conventional counterparts. High Air Delivery: The fluidic seamless design of the blades is modelled to ensure high air delivery - delivering comfort to you when you need it. ActivBLDC Technology: Crompton's ActivBLDC Motor is known for its high Energy Efficiency. It is designed to work efficiently between a Wide Voltage Range of 90V - 300V with a high Power Factor of 0.98. Energy Efficient: SilentPro enso is powered by ActivBLDC technology (42W) which ensures 50% savings* on your electricity cost as compared to conventional fans (80W). *A BLDC motor consumes half of the power of a traditional induction motor. Annual Savings: Did you know that a conventional fan contributes up to Rs. 3040* annually, to your electricity bill. SilentPro enso consumes 50% electricity as compared to a conventional fan, saving you up to Rs. 1440 per fan annually. *Considering 16 hours of usage at the rate of Rs. 6.5/unit. Safety Cable: SilentPro enso is equipped with an enhanced safety feature which includes a safety wire that prevents a fan from falling incase of improper installation or wearing of fan parts over time.

A fan that is uniquely crafted to offer superior air delivery with a silent operation along with 5 year warranty.

Noiseless Ceiling Fan with 2X More Silence

Silent Fan with 240 CMM Superior Air Delivery

50% Energy Saving with ActivBLDC Technology

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