Essco Orbit Wall Mixer 3-In-1 System Faucet ORB-CHR-105281

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SKU: SAFA0016-24290344
Product Type: Faucet
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Diverts water to any three different modes of your choice (overhead shower/hand shower/bucket filling spout). Mix Hot and Coldwater using respective levers; Knob on the spout controls output (diverts water) to the hand shower. Complete range with matching design available;Comes with 115mm long bend pipe. Ergonomic in design for smooth operation and durability. Complete range with matching design available. Extruded brass made spindle and housing of cartridge for long life. Chrome-plated durable Brass flange enhance the aesthetic appeal and support in proper installation with more durability. Aerator for splash-free foam flow made up of food-grade plastic. This is designed to work from + 5 degrees to + 65 degrees effectively.

Wall Mixer 3-in-1 System with Provision for both Hand Shower and Overhead Shower Complete with 115mm Long Bend Pipe, Connecting Legs & Wall Flange (without Hand & Overhead Shower)

Range: Orbit

Code: ORB-CHR-105281


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