Essco Overhead Shower EOS-CHR-1995

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Product Type: Shower
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ABS BODY : Our bathroom showers come with an ABS (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene) body, a sturdy thermoplastic polymer that is durable and free of toxins. RUBIT CLEANING : Cleaning and maintaining showers is more accessible due to the Rubit cleaning system. It enables the user to remove any deposit of dirt and bacteria by simply rubbing the showerheads. HIGH-PERFORMANCE: Our showers are designed to provide the best flow even under low-water pressure.

Overhead Shower spray water from a nozzle attached to the ceiling or on a wall.

They provide a more luxurious showering experience and can help save water to a great extent. 

Overhead Shower 80 mm dia Round Shape Multi Flow (ABS Body Chrome Plated with Gray Face Plate) with Rubit Cleaning System.

Range: Showers

Code: EOS-CHR-1995

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