Exide Instabrite FIB0-IB1500 Flat Plate Inverter Battery 150 Ah

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SKU: ELIN0070-18757743
Product Type: Inverter Battery
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Style: Without Exchange of Same AH
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Manufacturer Warranty: 36 Month (18 FOC + 18 Pro-rata)

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Maximum Overall Dimensions (MM): ( L x W x H)- 515 x 230 x 266 mm · Nominal Filled Weight: 41.2 Kg · Product Capacity : 150 Ah

• Unique features and superior technology: Advanced Hybrid Technology that is best suited to withstand high temperatures as well as thick plate construction with special paste formulation
• Special hybrid alloy system leading to low water loss and dual plate separation(PE+GM) that reduces the possibility of premature failure
• Easy handling/spill-proof: Moulded handles to ensure easy handling. Top vented lid with anti-splash guards fitted with coin flush vent plugs
• Ready for commissioning: Batteries supplied in factory-charged condition
• Easy maintenance: Float/float guide to indicate electrolyte level
• Fume and leak resistant: Spark arrestor fitted in float to restrict fumes and acid during operation. Clean top with no surface leakage

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