Lacquered Glass Using Saint-Gobain Clear Float Glass

Lacquered Glass Using Saint-Gobain Clear Float Glass

SKU: GLLA0002-24707521
Product Type: Glass
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Price Per Sq. Ft. For Thickness: 4mm
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· Applications: Living Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Kids Room | Home Office | Wardrobe | Mirror Art | Shower Cubicles | Kitchen Shutters | TV Units | Furniture | Lift lobby

• Lacquered Glass is manufactured by depositing and baking a lacquer (paint) coating on one side of Saint-Gobain clear glass.
• The lacquer gives it a coloured and opaque appearance bringing an element of vibrancy to any interior application.
• Lacquered glass contains very minimal amounts of VoCs and therefore is not only safe to use but also does not harm the environment.
• It is humidity-resistant and also scratch-proof.
• Make our home colourful with our own choice of colours painted on Saint-Gobain glass
• Popular colours are White, Black, Grey, Ivory, Brown, Champagne, Titanium Grey and Pale Green

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