Nippon Paint Atom 2-IN-1 20L Multi - Purpose Emulsion

Nippon Paint Atom 2-IN-1 20L Multi - Purpose Emulsion

SKU: PAEX0010-24648018
Product Type: Exterior Wall Paint
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Material: AT 8B(RO) - 19L;

3 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· 2-IN-1 Property · Low VOC · Washable / Wipeable · Can be applied for both interior and exterior walls · Does not emit harmful polluting gases · Makes the surface easier to clean · Maximum performance which is based on · Acrylic based emulsion · Environment Friendly · Trouble free cleaning of walls · Dilution: 50% by volume with clean · potable water. Stir well before use. 20-30% by volume with potable water for dark shades. · Coverage Interior: 16.72-19.51 & 9.29-10.22 coats Exterior: 8.36-9.29 & 4.18-4.65 coats (Actual coverage is dependent on the substrate condition · Film Thickness · surface porosity · method of application). · Finish: Smooth matt finish. · Uses: Can be used on interior and exterior surfaces. · Note: For darker shades one or two additional coat recommended. Actual coverage of paints depends on porosity and substrate condition.

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