Polycab Air Circulator Wall Fan

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SKU: ELWA0269-24834163
Product Type: Wall Fan
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Size: 750mm 30"
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· Sweep (MM): 450 / 600 / 750 · Power Input(w): 100 / 200 / 250 · Speed (RPM): 1400 / 1400 / 1400 · Air Delivery (CMM): 125 · A highly specialized coating that prevents rusting and provides robust protection against corrosion. · Polycab TPW fans are meticulously engineered to prevent overheating of motor and blades · thus increasing its efficiency. · Polycab TPW fans fitted with a high performance · totally enclosed motor that delivers maximum output. · The aerodynamically designed blades coupled with increased blade width reduce drag and maximizes the air sweep. · The low resistivity of copper reduces energy losses and also increases the lifespan of the fan motor. · A high-performing electric motor that operates at optimum efficiency yet consumes much less power. · Polycab TPW fans give you the highest air delivery and wide air throw to cool the room. · Jerk free and uniform oscillation ensures the flow of cool air reaches all the parts of a room with ease.

• Polycab Air Circulator Wall Fan

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