Saint-Gobain Clear Float Glass

S3 Clear Float Glass

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Product Type: Glass
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Price Per Sq. Ft. For Thickness: 4mm
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· Clear and transparent for many years. · Applications: Living Room | Bedroom | Kitchen | Kids Room | Home Office | Wardrobe | Mirror Art | Shower Cubicles | Kitchen Shutters | TV Units | Furniture Lift lobby · High optical clarity · Uniform thickness · Smooth surface · Versatility: Float glass can be treated with various coatings and laminates to add functionalities like insulation, safety, and solar control. · Float glass is a remarkable material that has revolutionised the glass industry. Its combination of superior quality, versatility, and affordability makes it the go-to choice for countless applications, shaping the way we see and interact with the world around us.

• It is also called as Annealed Glass and Normal Glass.
• It has not undergone any treatment process like toughening, lamination or heat strengthening

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