Saint-Gobain Fiberglass Wall Covering Printable from Adfors Novelio

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Crack Prevention: Glass Fibre Wall Coverings ensure neat surfaces. They reinforce & cover existing cracks & help prevent new ones. They reduce wall maintenance & always provide an excellent substrate for painting. High Impact Resistance: Glass Fibre Wall Coverings can withstand much greater force than almost any other wall coverings. They reinforce the wall & protect it against heavy impact and any resulting damage.;Thus they maintain a perfect surface for years. Hygienic: Glass Fibre Wall Coverings provide the ultimate safeguard against dirt, stains and bacteria. Glass is inorganic and does not provide a breeding ground for growth of micro-organisms. They withstand aggressive maintenance and can be cleaned; quickly and easily. They can be scrubbed; disinfected and decontaminated without causing surface damage. Long Service Life: The extremely long lasting life cycle of Glass Fibre Wall Coverings offer more than 20 years of unrivalled cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction; Repaintable function: Repaintable unlike conventional wall paper. Vapour Permeable: Glass Fibre Wall Coverings are woven fabrics & therefore are vapour permeable which means they can breathe. While vinyl wall coverings aggravate the problem of damp walls; glass fibre wall coverings allow the underlying moisture to escape; thus preventing paint peeling; flaking; mould; fungi & bacteria formation. Fire Proof: Glass Fibre Wall Coverings are certified to have very low flammability as they are made of glass. Glass melts at 1300 C but does not burn. Moreover; it will not emit any noxious gases even under fire conditions. Eco-Friendly: Novelio® products are ecologically sound and certified by Oeko-Tex; Standard 100; Class 1 which guarantees that it cares for your health and environment.They are completely safe and present no health hazards.

Novelio has been specially developed by Saint-Gobain ADFORS and is the perfect solution to dress walls in elegance while reinforcing and keeping them strong.

Novelio is an extremely durable wall covering that’s essentially a fabric woven from glass yarn in an array of attractive patterns.;After preparing the walls

Novelio® is pasted on and can be painted and re-painted with the colours of your choice.

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