Saint-Gobain Window Solutions - UPVC Windows

Saint-Gobain Window Solutions - UPVC Windows

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Product Type: UPVC Doors and Windows
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Style: Fixed Windows
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· Product Range: Premier · Components of Window: Frame, Glass, Hardware · Frame: White-that-stays-white uPVC profiles · Glass: Options of toughened 654 PPM clear or tinted glass in single, double and laminated glass variants · Clear Glass: Glass that allows maximum light and views · Tinted Glass: Available in Green, Grey, Bronze, Blue · Single Glazed: A single layer of glass · Double Glazed: Two panes of glass - an interior glass pane and an exterior one. · Laminated: Two or more layers of glass sandwiched with a polymeric interlayer like Polyvinyl butyral (PVB) · Type: Available as sliding, casement and fixed variants · Sliding Windows: Come with shutters that glide either way to both the left and right in one frame · Casement Windows: Have shutters that open both ways as per window type · Fixed Windows: Are non-openable and fixed on all sides · Hardware Components: Lock, Handle, Hinge · Complete End-to-End Solutions: Assistance with glass selection, window design, installation and post-sales support · European Engineering and Design: State-of-the-art uPVC profile extrusion and window fabrication line · World-class frames, glass and hardware: · 350+ years of experience in manufacturing glass and widest range of hardware solutions · Safe operation at high wind loads: Every window adheres to American and European safety standards

• Saint-Gobain's Window Solutions are perfect for modern-day architecture that blends aesthetic requirements with energy-efficiency seamlessly
• The fully customisable windows are backed by European window manufacturing technology that assure durability for a lifetime
• From design, manufacturing, delivery and after-sales service
• Saint-Gobain's comprehensive solutions make sure that the end-user truly enjoys not only the beautiful vistas outside the window but also a hassle-free experience
• Helps create an optimum temperature in your home – Neither too cold nor too warm
• Connects with nature and maximises natural daylight to enhance productivity and alertness
• Protection from noise pollution through advanced acoustics to cut out unnecessary sounds
• Keeps out air pollution and rainwater with outstanding air and water tightness
• uPVC windows come with excellent thermal insulation keeping you cool in summers and warm in winters
• Unlike Wood or Aluminium windows, uPVC windows do not require painting buffing or polishing and are easy to clean as well, making them extremely low maintenance
• uPVC windows keep unwanted noise out providing acoustic comfort. Double glazed uPVC windows cut unwanted noise by as much as 70%
• uPVC windows are resistant to corrosion due to heat and humidity
· Applications: Bedroom | Bathroom | Exterior | Home Office | Kids Room | Kitchen | Living Room

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