Superfan Super J1 High Speed BLDC Ceiling Fan with 5 Years Warranty - 90 cm (36" inches)

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5 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Smaller blade design for efficient air circulation · 10-key remote with 5 different speeds · 2Hrs & 6Hrs Timer functions · Air Delivery : 133CMM · Fan Size : 900 MM · Input Power : 24W · Maximum Speed : 420 RPM · Power Factor : >0.9 · Service Value : 5.5 · Speed Control : T4 Remote · Voltage Range : 90-300 Vac

Super J1 is our 900 mm (36 inches) blade span, super energy efficient ceiling fan that consumes only 25 W. Superfans are India's first and most energy efficient fans and the only ceiling fans with 5 years warranty. This is our best ceiling fans for small spaces with brisk air delivery. This ceiling fan is rated for outdoor use.

India's 1st BLDC Fan - Launched in 2012, there are superfan in the field that have been running for more than a decade.

5 Years Warranty: Register your product to avail launch 5 years warranty. All superfans are covered with long 5 years warranty.

Super Energy Efficient BLDC Technology: Superfan BLDC technology reduces electricity consumptions by more than 56% compared to regular fans.

Superfan maintains stable speed in wide range of 90 to 300 V input. 

Maintains high PF (Power Factor) and Low THD (Total Harmonic Distortion).

At the highest speed setting, the Superfan consumes 1 unit of electricity in 29 hours, while a normal fan consumes 1 unit of electricity in 13 hours.

Superior Air Delivery: Experience comfort with an efficient air circulation - 133 CMM.

Drop-safe Remote: Specially designed to consume less energy and be agronomically handy. It has special features timer function, natural breeze mode and fine speed control.

Eco-friendly Packaging & Practices: Superfan packaging does not have plastics or thermocol. Superfan manufacturing does not allow single-use plastics in the production floor. Infrastructure, operation and processes are designed to consume less energy and minimise environmental impact.

Awards & Patents: Superfan won several awards nationally and internationally in the last decade. Superfan also has 7+ patents on BLDC ceiling fan design, features and manufacturing processes.

Colour Variants: Brown or White

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