Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home
Super Q Duocool IOT Fan - Better Home

Superfan Super Q Duocool IOT BLDC Ceiling Fan with 5 Years Warranty - 120 cm (48" inches)

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SKU: ELCE1350-1
Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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Color: Onyx Pearl
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5 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Fan Size : 1200 MM · Input Power : 35W · Typical Speed : 270 RPM · Air Flow : 160 m3/min · Service Value : 7.4 m3/min/watt · Power Factor : >0.99 · Voltage Range : 230 Vac · Speed Control : Smart control and T4 Remote · High flow, low pressure

Super Q Duocool 1200 mm (48") IOT Fan works with Superfan app, Google Assistant and amazon Alexa. It s yet another Superfan innovation that redefines what thermal comfort with fans could be. It exploits IoT technology to enhance thermal comfort sustainably and consumes just 35 Watts. Superfans are India's first and most energy efficient fans and the only ceiling fans with 5 years warranty. 

It is part of the Super series of fans; it has all the features and specialties of the Super Q series with the addition of new features and functions that will be mentioned below.

Advanced Features:
· Speed command interface
· DuoCool Feature
· Smartify Hub
· Voice Command
· Scheduling & Automation
· Scene Setting
· Energy Analytics

· Maximise Comfort and Energy Savings with Superfan and Air Conditioning
· The Science of Cooling: Evaporative and Conductive Cooling
· Evaporative Cooling: The Natural Way Your Body Stays Cool
· Conductive Cooling: How Air Conditioners Cool the Air
· The Power of Ceiling Fans: Evaporative Cooling and the Wind Chill Effect
· Ceiling Fans: Enhancing the Bodys Natural Cooling Mechanism
· Wind Chill Effect: Feeling Cooler Without Lowering the Room Temperature
· Advantages of Combining Ceiling Fans and Air Conditioning
· Tapping into Both Types of Cooling for Increased Comfort and Energy Savings
· Eliminating Discomfort and Reducing Energy Consumption with a Smart Setup

Superfan’s Super Q series offers a different form of comfort delivered by an innovative blade shape. This shape produces a uniform and effective airflow along the length of the blades, which results in desired airflow at a lower RPM. High airflow at lower RPM produces less pressure exertion on occupants below, lower noise, and higher total efficiency. The lower pressure alleviates discomforts like nasal dryness and muscle stiffness often experienced with long durations under high-speed fans. The combination of this special blade with Superfan’s patented motor delivers 20% more airflow and is 50% more efficient than typical 5-star rated fans, making it the most energy-efficient fan available.

India's 1st BLDC Fan - Launched in 2012, there are superfan in the field that have been running for more than a decade.

5 Years Warranty: Register your product to avail launch 5 years warranty. All superfans are covered with long 5 years warranty.

Most Efficient Ceiling Fan: Super Q combines a super energy-efficient motor with super energy-efficient blades, resulting in the highest performance and efficiency. It won the Appliance of the Year award in 2021 from the Ministry of Power, Government of India, for being the most efficient ceiling fan in India. At the highest speed setting, Superfan SuperQ consumes 1 unit of electricity in 40 hours, while a normal fan consumes 1 unit of electricity in 13 hours.

Superior Air Delivery: Experience comfort with an efficient air circulation - 260 CMM.

Drop-safe Remote: Specially designed to consume less energy and be agronomically handy. It has special features timer function, natural breeze mode and fine speed control.

Eco-friendly Packaging & Practices: Superfan packaging does not have plastics or thermocol. Superfan manufacturing does not allow single-use plastics in the production floor. Infrastructure, operation and processes are designed to consume less energy and minimise environmental impact.

Awards & Patents: Superfan won several awards nationally and internationally in the last decade. Superfan also has 7+ patents on BLDC ceiling fan design, features and manufacturing processes.

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