Superfan Super V1 Ceiling Fan

Superfan Super V1 High Speed BLDC Fan with 5 Years Warranty - 140 cm (56 inches)

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SKU: ELCE1349-248318X1
Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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5 Years Manufacturer Warranty

Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Longer and Wider blade design produces a voluminous air flow · Uniform air circulation envelops the whole room · 10-key remote with 5 different speeds · 2Hrs & 6Hrs Timer functions · Air Delivery: 270CMM · Input Power: 40W · Power Factor: >0.99 · Speed Control: T4 Remote · Voltage Range: 90 to 300 Vac · Fan Size: 1400mm · Maximum Speed: 270RPM · Service Value: 6.8 Energy Efficiency: The primary feature would likely be a high level of energy efficiency, meaning the fan is designed to consume minimal electricity while providing effective cooling. BLDC Motor: Many energy-efficient fans use Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, which are known for their energy-saving capabilities compared to traditional induction motors. Smart Controls: Some energy-efficient ceiling fans come equipped with smart controls, allowing users to adjust speed and settings using a mobile app or other smart home devices. Variable Speed Settings: Fans with multiple speed settings allow users to tailor the airflow to their comfort needs, potentially reducing energy consumption when full speed is not required. Remote Control: A remote control feature can enhance user convenience, allowing for easy adjustment of fan settings from a distance. Timer Functionality: This feature enables users to set a timer for the fan to automatically turn off after a certain duration, helping to save energy. Aerodynamic Blade Design: The fan blades may be designed for optimal aerodynamics to maximize air circulation while minimizing power consumption. Low Noise Operation: Energy-efficient fans often incorporate noise reduction technologies, providing a quieter operation while maintaining performance. Long Life Span: High-quality materials and construction contribute to a longer fan life, reducing the need for replacements and associated energy costs.

• Super V1 is our large super energy efficient ceiling fans with blade span of 1400 mm (56 inches) suitable for large spaces. Superfans are India's first and most energy efficient fans and the only ceiling fans with 5 years warranty.
• This Superfan produces voluminous air delivery for maximum power consumption of only 40W.

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