Superfan Super X1 Deco/Treeze Ceiling Fan

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Product Type: Ceiling Fan
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· A model which adorn the ceiling with aesthetic look · Blade design inspired by leaves · Super high air flow at higher speed · 10-key remote with 5 different speeds · 2Hrs & 6Hrs Timer functions · 5 Star Energy rating for Best Service Value 6.5 · Fan Size: 1200mm · Air Delivery: 230 · Input Power: 35W @ 385rpm 25W @ 320rpm · Maximum Speed: 385 · Power Factor: >0.94 · Service Value: 6.3 · Speed Control: T4 Remote · Voltage Range: 160 to 265 Vac Energy Efficiency: The primary feature would likely be a high level of energy efficiency, meaning the fan is designed to consume minimal electricity while providing effective cooling. BLDC Motor: Many energy-efficient fans use Brushless Direct Current (BLDC) motors, which are known for their energy-saving capabilities compared to traditional induction motors. Smart Controls: Some energy-efficient ceiling fans come equipped with smart controls, allowing users to adjust speed and settings using a mobile app or other smart home devices. Variable Speed Settings: Fans with multiple speed settings allow users to tailor the airflow to their comfort needs, potentially reducing energy consumption when full speed is not required. Remote Control: A remote control feature can enhance user convenience, allowing for easy adjustment of fan settings from a distance. Timer Functionality: This feature enables users to set a timer for the fan to automatically turn off after a certain duration, helping to save energy. Aerodynamic Blade Design: The fan blades may be designed for optimal aerodynamics to maximize air circulation while minimizing power consumption. Low Noise Operation: Energy-efficient fans often incorporate noise reduction technologies, providing a quieter operation while maintaining performance. Long Life Span: High-quality materials and construction contribute to a longer fan life, reducing the need for replacements and associated energy costs.

Super X1 Deco offers the same energy savings as our award winning Super X1 with a minimalist design that embodies nature and sustainability. 

This super energy efficient ceiling fans consume only 35 W while delivering better air delivery than regular fans that consume 75W.

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