Supreme Four Layer Overhead Water Tank 1000L

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SKU: HAWA0187-02
Product Type: Water Tanks
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Volume: 1000 L
Color: Yellow
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· Manufactured from 100% virgin raw material – promises superior quality and long lasting performance. · Strong & Durable · Thermally insulated using foam (four layered variety) – keeps the inside water cool in summer. and reasonably warm in winter time · UV Stabilised · Most Suitable For Drinking Water due to use of food grade plastic · Easy Installation · Strong covers available in different varieties with simple locking provision · Full Capacity Guaranteed Benefits of using the Supreme Four Layer Overhead Water Tank 1000L: · Keeps water cool in summer and warm in winter: The four-layer design of the tank helps to keep water cool in summer and warm in winter. This means that you will always have access to fresh, clean water, regardless of the temperature outside. · Extends the life of your water pump: The tank's insulation helps to keep water cool, which means that your water pump will not have to work as hard to keep the water cool. This can extend the life of your water pump and save you money on energy bills. · Reduces noise pollution: The tank's insulation also helps to reduce noise pollution. This is because the insulation helps to muffle the sound of the water pump. · Protects your water from contaminants: The tank's UV-resistant plastic helps to protect your water from contaminants. This is because the plastic prevents sunlight from penetrating the tank and causing the growth of algae and bacteria. · Safe for storing potable water: The tank is made from food-grade plastic, which means that it is safe for storing potable water. This means that you can use the water from the tank for drinking, cooking, and bathing.

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