UPVC Fixed Window
UPVC Fixed Window

UPVC Fixed Window

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SKU: GLUP0001-24720384
Product Type: UPVC Doors and Windows
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Thickness: 5mm
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Immediately return goods on delivery in case of any damages found.


· Price per square feet · Open Style: Fixed Window · Colour: Brown · Glass Thickness: 5mm · Frame Material: UPVC · Window Height: 5 Feet · Application: Home, Office, etc · Shape: Rectangle

• Fixed windows are best choice to allow light in and give a view but need not to be opened or operated because there are no ventilation possibilities.
• The fact that fixed windows don't operate does not means that the design or quality can be compromised in anyway.
• Additional accuracy in installation and design expertise during fabrication is needed to assure that fixed windows remain sanitary and serve their purpose well.
• upvc fixed windows are a perfect choice in these situations because of their less maintenance requirments and great strength and endurance.
• Easy to drill and nail.
• Shield against sound pollution
• Occupy little space
• Superior protection against weather and water corrosion

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